Treadmill Transcription (Overdue due to new last minute editing)

Transcription Treadmill Segment:

(This is the ORIGINAL- Final is changed due to last minute new editing)
(Reason for it being posted now- segment got deleted multiple times and there was no actual FINAL segment because it would keep changing due to new editing)

SCHOOL BELL RINGS (00:01- 00:02)


VOICE OVER (0:07-0:18)
“Treadmills are a common theme here at James S. Bell Middle school, where Miss Dagne Gardener has introduced an exercise before learning program called “Back On Track”

CLIP- Miss Dagne Gardener (0:21-0:39)
“Uh I was very excited, I was very excited to be a part of it. I was already teaching ym phys-ed classes, so um integrating this into our own programming actually I felt um made it easier to get the amount of physical activity that these students need in the day time so, it was very exciting and were very glad to be doing it”

VOICE OVER (0:40-0:47)
“Based on a Michigan State report, students who engage in physical exercise showed higher academic improvement than less active students”

CLIP- Miss Dagne Gardener (0:48-01:16)
“Absolutely, um I feel like their their habits their more in task, their more focused, um they seem to be more engaged in wanting to come to school, sometimes when they come and and their feeling antsy. Or even the opposite they’re feeling tired. Um they are still motivated to come and start their exercise. And and overall I think the biggest thing other than academic improvement is also their improvement in their self-esteem which than you know makes them a lot more successful academically also.


“P-R-O-T-E-I-N- protein, thank you”

“Students like Altyn Francis Richardson find regular exercise very helpful when it comes to focusing and paying attention in class”

CLIP INTERVIW- Alytn Francis Richardson student (01:35-01:56)

“um I feel good about it I think it’s really helped with all the students in the class including me. I think it helps a lot more now because at the beginning it wasn’t really it wasn’t doing anything because I wasn’t really working hard enough at it but now that were actually deep into it were working. It’s easier to think, it’s easier to working in class”

STAND UP –Fai reporter with two students included (01:58-02:21)

“After the holiday break some students find it difficult to get back on track in 2010. But students such as Altyn and Barrington don’t find it that difficult. They’re in fact very eager to get back on track aha and um they actually start their school day off with a twenty minute run on a bike or a treadmill”

CLIP- Stacy Lee Student help teacher (02:22-02:31)
It was awesome that was right, so they bought t-shirts, shorts…. running shoes, whatever it is that they need for exercising . Oh, and deodorant too.

VOICE OVER (02:32-02:39)

“Stacy Lee specializes in monitoring student behaviors and is enthusiastic about the side effects of the program”

CLIP-Stacy Lee (02:40-03:03)

At first when I heard about the program I thought it was very exciting, because it kept I think it’s something that keeps the kids motivated and it’s something that they look forward to. Because I think exercising for them is very important because it’s not something they do on a regular basis so when they do get here they know that it’s something that’s gonna be consistent and it’s going to be an everyday thing. So they look forward to it and we also look forward to helping them get motivated and get healthy”

VOICE OVER (03:04-03:09)

“Barrington Cannisse-Mcgreggor feels exercising gives him a lot more energy!”

CLIP- Barrington Canisse Mcgreggor student (03:10-03:40)

“I was just I used to be tired all the time, I just come and didn’t really wanna do anything. But since we got the uh exercise equipment I’ve been wanting to do more stuff. Cus um like it takes patience cuz uh go through the exercise and not like be start getting bored and stuff. So it helps me to sit in class and focus more.

VOICE OVER- (03:41-

“Miss Gardener and Stacy Lee have been setting an example for other schools. ………………….."

CLIP- Miss Gardener (03:54-

They prefer it to the phys-ed class because it’s very individual. The programming is what you can do and setting your won goal. And you know, there’s no race on a treadmill or on a bike and when your outside and when your out with the whole phys-ed class sometimes there’s a lot of competitive energy that is removed form a setting where your working

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