Treadmill Segment Outline- A Healthier Way To Learn

(Original) Treadmill Segment Outline
-A Healthier Way To Learn

BRoll Visuals
• Various shots of students running in the morning
• Various shots of students learning
• Many shots of students on the treadmill
• Shots of them after being on the treadmill
• Shots of teacher teaching
• Shots of reading books and pencils
• Shots of student’s work out running shoes and work out clothes


Interview: Principal and Teacher (Same questions, same issues)

• Have any of the students tried to abuse the treadmill system or take advantage of it?
• Did this work right away?
• Did you have any problems while implementing this?
• How did you explain to the kids why they’re doing this?
• Would you like to see this idea spread across the GTA or even Canada?
• What is it that really influenced this decision for the program?
• What persuaded you about the program the most?
• Did you have any doubts at all about the program before going through with it?
• Were you confident in the program?
• How much do you think it impacts the student’s learning and health?
• Do you believe there is a link between good health and better learning?
• How has this “Back on Track” program been working out for your students recently?
• Do you really believe that this exercise will give the student’s more energy to learn?
• Do you have any thoughts of the program wearing out the kids or making them work out too hard?
• Are there guidelines to go by when using treadmills and work out equipment?
• Are there any thoughts of adding more equipment or is the school coming up with new ways to become even more efficient?
• Do you think other elementary schools should do the same?

Teacher without this method being used in the class:
• What do you think of this method?
• Would you use it in your class?
• Why/or why not?

• What did you think of this system at first?
• How do you feel about it now?
• Are you happy with this new program?
• Did you think this was how it was going to be if there was such a rogram?
• What do you not like about the program, if anything?

Sound Bites:
• Treadmill
• School bell
• Teacher teaching
• Sound of writing/working
• Announcements
• Students talking to each other
• Student drinking from water bottle after exercise
• Student panting while using equipment and getting tired
• Student asking questions in class

Suggested Intro:bold text
Soundbites of regular school sounds, kids talking, bell, writing …then the sound of a treadmill.

Most of these are common for a school classroom but, here’s one you may not recognize…a treadmill. Here at James S bell, this sound has become a familiar one.

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