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Tape Date: March 26th, 2010

Chase Producer: Meaghan Engels
Segment Name: OHL Student

Interviewer: Alan Campbell
About: Still need to find a focus
Guest’s Name: Alex, Basso
Position Title: OHL Player/student
Phone Number: 416-233-4743
Segment Summary:
He would talk about the pressures of minor league hockey, what you have to give up in your life and the sacrifices you have to make. How it effects family life, and a social life. What it takes to be a dedicated player. Some of the qualities that could make or break you trying to compete in this type of industry. He will talk about the dedication it takes and the hard work that goes into making this hobby a serious career.
Why would this be significant?
Many people play hockey as a hobby or for exercise but there are some who take it very seriously and consider it as a #1 career choice. The game becomes a lot different when you play competitively. There are a lot of sacrifices you have to make in your personal life, home life and
Length Of Interview: 5 minutes (30 minutes given to pretaping)
Producer/Coordinator Notes
Arrival Time: 2:30 PM
Make-Up Time: n/a (10-15 minutes to change clothes/ get comfortable in the studio)

Approved Questions

1. What is the hardest thing about playing the the OHL

2. What have you had to give up/ sacrifice to play competitively?

3. How has your home life changed?

4. How has your social life changed?

5. How has your academic life changed?

6. What is your motivation to stay on track?

7. Who is your biggest influence/is there a specific player you try to model yourself after?

8. What's it like going into a men's league, being one of the youngest players?

9. How have you adjusted to shorter ice time?

10. If hockey doesn't work out what is your back up plan? Have you thought about that at all?

11. How have you adapted to checking and hits in this league?

12. How have you/are you preparing for it?

13. What kind of defense are you?

14. Do you listen to any music to pump yourself up before a game?

15. How do you prepare and train during your off season?

16. What are some of your weaknesses you feel you need to work on?

17. What do you think is your biggest strength?

Back Story/Info:

Wasn't gonna play in OHL was trying for a scholarship and go and play for NCAA, he would have to play a year of junior hockey before finding out if you can get your scholarship. He was originally drafted low because they didn't think he would improve that much and had low expectations. Now they regret not drafting him higher, he's now working on bulking up to get bigger/better.

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