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(00:04) Yeah…buddy right now it’s September 3rd 4th? We’re in the …giver yeah! (00:15) = 6 seconds

Alan: “The war in Afghnaistan began in 2001, but for Canada, it began in 2006 deploying nearly 2500 overseas, leaving thousands of loved ones in fear, with hope, and uncertainty. For Kim Levecchia she is one of thousands of Canadians who waited, prayed, and hoped for her loved one to return safely. This is the familiar but untold story of thousands of Canadians left behind, but this is her story.” 36 seconds

Kim: “When he initially left up at Trenton…I was sad.” 5 seconds

Kim:“It was scary, like every morning I would wake up and check the news….” 6 seconds

Kim:“When he called me, it was a relief. So, when he was saying that he was saying that he was in a safe place and he’d be here for a while then I was fine, I didn’t watch the news as much, but when he was out in the field I didn’t hear from him for 3 to 4 weeks at a time, it was a lot more difficult.” 15 seconds

How many weeks at a time did you go without talking to Chris? 5 seconds

Kim: (Takes breath) “Maybe three weeks? Two to three weeks – maybe longer. It could be a month, um, but when he didn’t call he was at the base on MSN. So we were able to talk through that at maybe 30 minutes at a time, but he’d resign on if he could if no one was waiting. But we’d just talk about – he’d ask me how things were here, I guess it was good for him so he knew what it was like at home. But - and He’d talk about some things but he couldn’t talk about a lot…like he couldn’t say what they were doing or where they were, but if he said they were in a safe place that was uh…a key thing. 35 seconds

How did you react when Chris told you that his friends were killed? 7 seconds

Kim “I wasn’t really thinking about his friend at this point, because Chris was really angry. It was emotional, but my main job was just to calm him down. (Kim wiping a tear) 16 seconds

Alan: “If Chris had never come back home from Afghanistan - and tragically lost his life there, what would you have…have felt?” 10 seconds

Kim: …um, I would feel pride – be so happy that he fought for our country. But…I don’t know, there will be always be a part of me that I didn’t say enough, I wasn’t doing enough, but like being a world away you can’t really do too much….” 25 seconds

*Alan and Kim looking at Chris’ photos* 5 seconds

OC Alan: “Kim tell me about these pictures that we have.” 3 seconds

OC Kim: “Uh this is a picture of Chris and I (close up shots of pictures) in Petawawa, the day he left, so that was our last picture together for those 7 months. So there are still some pictures of Chris and I, this one was at Medsker’s wedding, um this one here is the day Chris came home, he made me put on his flak vest and his homage just to see how heavy it was, so that’s a picture of that there. 25 seconds

OC Alan “This one here, what’s that there?” 2 seconds

VO shot of the picture close up “That’s a picture of Chris in Afghanistan. I’m pretty sure he’s holding the camera himself.” 5 seconds

What was it like seeing Chris come home? 5 seconds

OC Kim: “I don’t know, when I first saw him I guess I was really happy…but uh, it was hard to - like I knew what he looked like, but it’s been like 4 months so I was like ‘Oh, there he is!’ and like – I ran up to give him a hug and a kiss it was just great to see him home.” 15 seconds

Clip of Chris and Kim together, Chris is wearing his army uniform 5 seconds

OC Chris: “Um well it changed a little bit, uh I’ve always loved her, but it just really solidified my love for her.” 5 seconds

OC Chris: “Um one particular moment that sticks out of my mind is when I was actually taking off in the plane –we’re taking off and I see Kim by the fence by a lightpost, and like I hated it – I hate that…it just bothered me so much that I put her through something like that and there was nothing that I can do about it, so you know I just all I did was make wanna come back to see her even more, ultimately it made our love much stronger for one another.” 25 seconds

CLIP Close-up of Chris and Kim holding hands showing off her engagement ring” 5 seconds

CLIP Kim and Chris kiss 5 seconds

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