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julia, just to clarify, is this the original paper edit or the cut-down version?
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its the cut down version

Paper Edit: Anaphylaxis

SOUND BITE: Ambulance Siren (00:00:00-00:03:18)
Need B-Roll to cover.

V/O: Fatalities are rare, and they’re preventable.
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VIZ: Anaphylaxis information on counter (00:07:07-00:12:03), Yogurt and juice in fridge (00:12:04-00:16:16), Candy bars and peanuts on table (00:16:17-00:21:27), Marilyn Allen standing by counter (00:21:28-00:25:12)
V/O: Over 600,000 Canadians suffer from anaphylaxis. The simple act of eating the wrong food can lead to a deadly reaction. Over 50% of all Canadians know someone who has anaphylaxis. This is something Marilyn Allen knows all to well.

VIZ: Picture of Robyn Allen (00:46:09-00:50:09)
CLIP: 00:25:13-00:54:10 Marilyn Allen
Ah my background all started with a tragedy because I paid the ultimate price for not knowing how terribly important it was to be vigilant and avoid allergens and that was the slamming of our life. In 1990 when our 15 year old, approaching 16-year-old daughter passed away, died suddenly from a food induced anaphylaxis.

CLIP: 00:54:11-01:02:25 DR. Leith
Normally if somebody has an anaphylactic reaction, usually they’ve been exposed before and they have potential to be sanitized.

VIZ: Julia and her mom in kitchen reading magazines (00:54:11-01:05:25)
V/O: Julia Basso was diagnosed with anaphylaxis when she was only 17 months old. Something as simple as going to a dinner party can cause overwhelming anxiety.

CLIP: 01:05:26-01:28:13 Julia Basso
Cross contamination is the biggest issue because like if I touch a knife, I use a knife for margarine or something and then I touch or its gets confused and my mom uses it for something else then I use it again it’s, that just minuet allergen can cause a full blown reaction.

VIZ: Julia flipping through photos when she was small (01:28:13-01:37:07)
V/O: Although Julia doesn’t let anaphylaxis run her life; she has had reminders just how dangerous life with anaphylaxis can be.

CLIP: 01:37:08-02:11:20 Julia Basso
I’ve had a variety of different types of reactions. My last one was when I was 15, and I was at practice and I didn’t have my epi pen. No one had an epi pen at the rink or anything or first aid and I drank from the wrong water bottle and that’s how severe my reactions are. I can just drink from the wrong water bottle and I can have a full-blown reaction.

CLIP: 02:11:21-02:48:28 Julia Basso
Well I go into shock, the body goes into shock. So I start to uncontrollably shake and I can’t stop it. It’s not because I’m cold, I think it’s anxiety and like adrenaline that’s maybe going through my body and I can’t think straight. Like you start to like go in and out, I don’t know if it’s consciousness or something else but I go in and out. I can’t ever think right; walk properly, nothing like that. SO that added on to the fact that I can’t breathe, I’m itchy, and I’m sneezing. It’s like a disaster that keeps snowballing.

VIZ: Julia looking at picture where she is wearing sunglasses (02:48:29-02:52:17)
V/O: But how much does Julia think about dying?

CLIP: 02:52:17-03:02:22 Julia Basso
I don’t ever think about dying, I know I can but so can everybody. I just have one more thing added that could kill me.

VIZ: Julia flipping pictures to a picture of her and her brother (02:49:07-03:02:03)
V/O: But anaphylaxis has affected Julia’s family members as well. Linda Basso is Julia’s mother. Linda speaks about some of the difficulties and worries of raising an anaphylactic child.

CLIP: 03:02:04-03:29:00 Linda Basso
When you have a helpless little baby you always think of the future and what’s gonna happen. So I mean that crossed my mind a lot of times but I went through a lot of different emotions and It wasn’t until I finally accepted her condition and that’s when I empowered her. So by empowering myself I empowered her so then the thought of death wasn’t on the forefront anymore.

VIZ: NEED B-ROLL 03:42:13-03:49:06

VIZ: Julia and her figure skating team (03:58:05-04:03:20)
CLIP: 03:49:07-04:13:17 Linda Basso
Well I’m really proud you know. It’s come full circle, finally I think when she you know she won her syncro’s championship and I’m very happy and she’s part of anaphylaxis Canada. You know I’ve done a lot of work for her to this way so I’m really proud.


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