TAKE 21 Episode 2

Take 21 Episode 2

Sr. Producers: Natalie Z, Kamal

Hosts: Jenette, Meaghan

Coord Producer/AD: Julia

Director: Emma

Top of Mind – Olympic Torch Runner
Segment Producer: Nathan
Camera/Editor: Emma
Reporter: Chris

Top Talk – Top Under 25, Lucas Biano
Segment Producer: Darriel
Camera/Editor: Brady
Reporter: Darriel

Over the Top - Cruise
Segment Producer: Alan
Camera/Editor: Alan
Reporter: Alan

Top Trend – Local GTA Music-it factor
Segment Producer: Abby
Camera/Editor: Emma. Meaghan
Reporter: Brittany

Top Demo – Dog Sledding
Segment Producer: Jenelle
Camera/Editor: Fai & Julian
Reporter: Johanna

Runner: Nicole, Dairrel, Alan
Audio: Jenelle
VTR: Brittany
Switcher: Brady
Floor Director: Abby
Camera: Chris, Julian, Johanna
Deko: Fai
Auto Cue: Nathan
Jib: Natalie B

Outline Deadline: Thursday 17th
Show Date:

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