Take 21 ep4 - Lucas Baiano


Tape Date: March 12th 2009

Segment Name: Interview Lucas Baiano

Segment Focus: Take 21 hosts; Darriel Roy & Brady Parker speak with Lucas Baiano about his experience campaigning for Hilary Clinton. We also speak to him about his latest feature on the cover of, “Political Leaders” which is a magazine for people of Power.

Guest’s Name: Lucas Baiano

Position/Title: Creator, Lumiere Films.

Phone Number: Work: 905-845-9430 EXT.4013 Cell: 416-745-3783

Segment Summary: In this segment we speak to Lucas Baiano who has recently been named one of the top political leaders of today. Lucas speaks to the hosts about his experience campaigning for Hilary Clinton and his movie “Lucky Strike.” Lucas’ trailer has given him plenty of media exposure like Canada AM, CNN, Colby O’Brian, etc.

Why would this Be Significant: This segment is significant because we are Journalism Broadcasting students. Lucas has done various media related projects with his film company Lumiere Films. His trailer for Hilary Clinton has been featured on Hilary Clinton’s official youth program site www.hillblazers.com

Length Of Interview: 5:30 minutes

Production Notes

Taped Elements: (Lucky Strike Trailer) Run Full Clip

Props to use on Set: Bowling Pin, Magazine Top Political Leaders

Producer/Co-Coordinator Notes

Arrival Time: 13:00pm

Make-Up Time: 15 Minutes

Suggested Host Intro:

Welcome To Take 21, I’m Brady Parker


And I’m Darriel Roy; today we have a very special guest by the name of Lucas Baiano who is currently changing the face of politics. Lets take a look!

(Runs Clip)
(3:25 minutes)

Key Points (All Research Taken From Sheridan Sun)
• Top Political Leaders of Today
• Trailer- Hilary Clinton
• Experience campaigning
• Film company-Lumiere Films
• Republican Association

Suggested Questions

1) Do you feel that a new generation of politics has emerged?
2) What gave you the idea to pitch your trailer to Bill Clinton?
3) How does it feel being on the cover of Political Leaders magazine and beating out Michael Moore?
4) What advice would you give to get more youth involved in politics?
5) What type of publicity did you get from your production campaign video?
6) How did it feel when your video made Hilary Clinton’s official youth site?
7) So I understand that you started your own company Lumiere films. What type of work have you done since the campaign?
8) What’s in store next for Lucas Baiano?


Lucas had the idea to speak with Bill Clinton at a book lecture in Toronto. After briefly meeting with Bill, he decided to pitch an idea to make a campaign video for his wife Hillary Clinton. Lucas produced a three-minute video from the six hours of raw footage. To Lucas’ delight Bill Clinton agreed to his offer. After coming up with this idea, he decided to document his experience in a movie called, “Werpoltics.” The movie is based on his production campaign film promoting the 2008 presidential campaign. Baiano's video has been featured on Hillary Clinton's official youth program/support sites hillblazers.com.

Today, Lucas has been named one of the top political leaders earning him a spot of the front cover of the Political Leaders – a magazine for people of power. As well he is the founder of Lumiere films, a film company that he started when he was just sixteen years old. Lucas’ trailer has given him plenty of media exposure like Canada AM, CTV news, Colby O’Brian, etc.

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