Show 6 Rundown
A1 Cold Opening SOT 2:25 cell-content
A2 Show Opening & Teasers SOT 0:25 cell-content
A3 Host Welcome OC ALAN/KAM 0:20 cell-content
A4 TT Gen Me OC ALAN/KAM 0:10 cell-content
A5 Gen ME SOT 3:30 *during this, guests get mic'd and on set*
A6 Panel Discussion OC 3:00 *agree/disagree: rich, shannan, graham*
A7 TT Horse Therapy OC ALAN/KAM 0:20 cell-content
A8 Horse Therapy SOT 5:00 *panel gets unmic'd, REPO cams except cam#2*
A9 TT Basso Interview OC KAMAL 0:20 *Kamal and Alan on cam#2*
A10 Bio Pack Alex Basso SOT :30 *Alan books it to interview set*
A11 Basso Interview OC ALAN 8:00 cell-content
A12 TT Micro Brew OC ALAN :10 *from interview set*
A13 Micro Brew SOT 4:30 *REPO back to main set, Alan back to main set*
A14 TT Pure Pwnage OC ALAN/KAM :10 cell-content
A15 Pure Pwnage SOT 5:00 cell-content
A16 Goodbyes OC ALAN/KAM :30 *playing wii on plasma*
A17 Credits SOT/FFG :15 cell-content
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