Show 6 - Pure Pwnage - Rough Outline

Segment Producer: Julian Lamprecht
Reporter: Natalie Bull
Camera/Editor: Jenette Caradonna
Episode #6


Pure Pwnage is a Canadian-produced mockumentary based on the life of a gamer created and directed by former University of Toronto student Geoff Lapaire. An aspiring filmmaker films the over the top antics of his brother (known on the Internet as teh_pwnerer) who spends all his time playing video games and hanging out with his best friend that goes by his online username FPS Doug. The mockumentary started life as an Internet series back in 2004 and quickly became successful. The show has now made its debut on television, airing every Friday at 10 P.M on Showcase.

After attracting millions of users worldwide through the Internet alone, the crew of Pure Pwnage recently signed a contract with Showcase to bring their show over to television. The cast and crew will tell their story of the development of the show from coming up with the initial concept to what is going on now in the present.

What makes Pure Pwnage stand out from other television shows is that it started out exclusively on the Internet and could be viewed free of charge, which back in 2004 was unheard of. Now that it has made its way to television it is reaching an even bigger potential audience. As the characters in the show are often doing things like yelling at computer screens and smashing keyboards, this is a perfect fit for the over the top segment of Take 21.


1. Geoff Lapaire (Producer, Supporting Character – Kyle)
2. Jarett Cale (Producer, Lead Character – Jeremy)
3. Joel Gardiner (Supporting Character – FPS Doug)
4. Melanie Scrofano (Supporting Character – October)


Suggested Intro (have hosts playing the Wii): “Our next segment features a guy who does nothing but play video games. Who knew doing that, and only that could get someone so much worldwide attention? Let’s take a look.”

CLIP of TV show where Jeremy is playing video games as Kyle is filming him
Jeremy, can you try to be a little more excited now that we’re on TV to make it more interesting?
Oh, oh now that we’re on TV I gotta do a bunch of stuff whenever you tell me to? Good luck - have fun with that Kyle. *Laughs*
This is the life of Jeremy, a guy who does nothing but play video games all day. Sound boring? Turns out it’s more interesting than it sounds…look at that, he is actually spanking his computer monitor after winning a game.

CLIP of FPS Doug running around pretending to be playing a shooting game
Boom headshot!
This is Jeremy’s best friend, best known as FPS Doug. The FPS stands for “first person shooter,” clearly showing an obsession with video games as well. He coined the phrase “boom headshot” which is now commonly used in online gaming.

How he came up with the concept of Pure Pwnage

How he felt at first about making Pure Pwnage

His reaction to his character Jeremy becoming so popular

How he got involved

After 2 seasons, the cast of Pure Pwnage struck a deal with Showcase and now airs every Friday at 10 P.M. Rebooted and with a few new fresh faces added to the mix, there is now potential for an even wider audience.

How it feels joining a cast of Internet celebrities

The Future of the show

Thanks to a little thing known as the Internet, this show has brought two university students to worldwide fame. I’m Natalie Bull for Take 21.


Geoff Lapaire:

1. How did you come up with the concept for this show?
2. How did you get the ideas for the main characters?
3. What were the strengths of starting the show on the Internet?
4. What do you think is the magic that makes Pure Pwnage so popular?
5. How did you end up making it to television?
6. How did you pitch the idea to Showcase?
7. How many TV episodes will Season 1 have?
8. What are your future plans for the web series?
9. What else lies in the future for Pure Pwnage?

Jarett Cale:

1. How did you react when Lapaire approached you with the idea of Pure Pwnage?
2. What was your reaction to your character becoming so popular among viewers?
3. When did you realize that your show became a hit?
4. What is the plot that drives your character in the new TV series?
5. What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Joel Gardiner:

1. How were you drafted into Pure Pwnage?
2. How was the idea of FPS Doug come up with?
3. What was your reaction to your character becoming so popular?
4. What do you think of the show’s current popularity?
5. The phrase “boom headshot” has become very popular among gamers. What do you think about that?

Melanie Scrofano:

1. Your character October is new to the series. How does it feel joining a cast of Internet celebrities?
2. Why did you join Pure Pwnage?
3. What was your reaction when you first watched Pure Pwnage?


- Pure Pwnage is a Canadian show produced by ROFLMAO Productions based in Toronto, Ontario.
- The show itself takes place in Toronto, Ontario.
- Jeremy, played by Jarett Cale, is well known to be the best gamer in the world and often gloats about it. When winning a game, he can usually be seen spanking his computer screen. Jeremy is unemployed, lives with his mother, and does nothing but play video games in his basement day and night.
- Kyle, played by Geoff Lapaire, is Jeremy’s brother. As an aspiring filmmaker he decides to film his brother for practice. With the exception of one episode, Kyle has never appeared in front of the camera. He is often made fun of by Jeremy, often being called “n00b” and “gay.”
- FPS Doug, played by Joel Gardiner, first appeared in episode 3 of the original web series, quickly gaining a fanbase of his own. If not at home playing shooting games, he is often seen at the park reenacting them, complete with constant jumping about and pretending to shoot people in the head. He is known to have anger issues and the games help keep him occupied. As shown in the TV series premiere, this is likely due to the constant fighting between his parents whom he still lives with. Like Jeremy, he is also unemployed.
- When Pure Pwnage first started out, the characters made it look like they were just being their real selves. Eventually, Lapaire revealed in an official online chat that they are actors and the characters are actually exaggerated versions of themselves.
- In the premiere of the TV series, Jeremy’s mother puts her foot down by cutting off Jeremy’s Internet connection and throwing out all his gaming possessions. The rest of the series will focus on Jeremy’s transition into having a real life.
- A new character named October, played by Melanie Scrofano, appears in the TV premiere. She is a new employee at The Mouse and Pad, an Internet café where Jeremy and FPS Doug often hang out. She plays the popular online game World of Warcraft. Nothing else is known about her at this time.
- The future of the original web series is unknown, as the last episode ended with a cliffhanger and the TV series being an entirely new storyline.
- Pure Pwnage has its own merchandise that can be purchased online.


- “Pwn” is an intentional misspelling of the word “own, ” originating in online gaming.
- To “pwn” someone means thoroughly beating another player in a video game, resulting in the humiliation of the defeated opponent.
- “n00b” is the term for someone who lacks skill in video games. Jeremy often uses this term to mock people who lack skill in anything, not just video games.
- “uber micro” is the term used to define a person’s skills in commanding multiple units in real-time strategy games.
- uber micro is demonstrated in the show by having Jeremy pretending to type qucikly on a keyboard as he is walking down the street.
- “Strats” is a short term for "strategies."

-I’m a Gamer
-Theme of FPS Doug
-teh n00b song
-Feel Like Pwning n00bs
-Tilt Your Guitar
-World of Warcraft is a Feeling

All music are pieces composed for Pure Pwnage and will be used with permission from the original creators. For more information on the show you can visit

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