Show 2 - Show Green - Kama Aerobics

Tape Date: January 23srd 2010
Segment Producer- Darriel Roy

Segment Name:

Take 21 hosts Meghan Engels and Jeanette Caradonna, speak with Halyna Skrypnyk who is the creator of the new workout program Kama Aerobics. Kama Aerobics (named after the Hindu god of love) has been featured in the Globe and Mail , in an article about improving one’s love life. This empowering total body workout program blended with meditation and is a combination of yoga, Pilates and sensual dance. In addition it corrects posture, helps develop focus, coordination, flexibility, and balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Guest’s Name; Halyna Skrypnyk

Position Title: Creator of Kama aerobics//fitness instructor

Phone Number: 416-803-1601

Segment Summary:

Kama Aerobics is a workout program that helps you learn to be in peace with yourself internally though a workout of the body and connecting with your sexuality.

Why would this be significant?

With the start of 2010, people are looking for a way to kick off the New Year by getting in shape and reaching their New Year resolutions. Kama Aerobics is a fun way to loose weight with a workout that consist of strengthening the pelvic core muscles internally while toning the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdominal core externally.

Length Of Interview: 10:00 Minutes

Production Notes

Tapes Elements:

*BIOPACK** (30 seconds)

-BIOPACK will consist of still images, clips of Halyna demonstrating exercises, with a voiceover of her bio.

Producer/Coordinator Notes

Arrival Time: 1:45 pm

Make-Up Time: 15 minutes

Suggested Host Intro:

(O/C Jeanette)

Hi everyone, Welcome to Take 21. In today’s segment of Take 21 we will be talking to the creator of Kama Aerobics, an empowering full body workout program, blended with meditation and sensual dance to empower woman though a workout of the body and connecting you with your sexuality.

(O/C Jeanette)

Hello Halyna, thanks for being with us today.

Interview begins with Ms. Skrypnyk

Key Points – (Questions will be formulated around these issues)

- What is Kama Aerobics?

- You described your workout to be revolutionary in fitness. What makes it different from other exercise regimes out there?

- What can people expect to benefit from your classes?

- You talk about “abandoned sexual core muscles”. What did you mean by this and how does Kama Aerobics target this area? What are the benefits of stringing your sexual core and why is it important?

- How does Kama Aerobics get woman in touch with the femininity?

- What problem areas does your exercises target? What is your program designed to do?

- What are some 5-minute exercises that our viewers can do at home?
(Halyna demonstrates 5-minute exercise)

- How did you create Kama Aerobics?

- - What is one thing that you want people to know about Kama Aerobics?


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Background On Guest
Halyna Skrypnyk- BIO

Halyna found her passion to enhance lives during her philanthropic efforts while working with children, in the period of time she spend traveling and competing internationally in the pageant system, working with Miss Universe Canada organization. A trained dancer and an artist at heart, and a health and fitness fanatic, it was only natural to create a fitness program as a way of self-expression and an attempt to make the world a more beautiful and healthy place.

She combined knowledge from her beloved subjects of Psychology and Sexuality which she majored in at York University in Toronto and extensive and dedicated research in the fields of fitness, wellbeing, spirituality, ancient art of dance and sexuality the program was born.
She has recently launched the program, which has been rapidly gaining popularity, media attention, and turning into a trend. The program, available at leading Toronto Club chains, such as The Yorkville Club and Extreme Fitness, is quickly spreading across province. Currently Halyna is working on home workout DVD series.

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