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The Beauty Behind Body Art

00:11 Intro sequence with various faces
00:20 The Beauty Behind Body Art
00:21 Intro Brandon DeMaestri

“I’m getting a fraise from this book series called the wheel of time.”

“Well I’m 19-years old. I go to school for culinary management which is chef training.”

00:33 Black and white wipe

“And one of the verses is life is a dream and all dreams must end… and that’s what I will be getting.”

“It’s one of those lines, that’s always stuck in your head and you just love it because it speaks the truth about everything. This is your life this is what you do. You go to work every day- you know- you might not notice it. You got to take time for the little things like sitting in a park, on a bench, by the lake- This is a beautiful moment.”

1:01 Graphic
36% of those ages 18 to 25 and 40% of those ages 26 to 40 have atleast one tattoo, According to a fall 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center.

1:11 Intro Corey

“ For the last 20-years people have been saying you know this is the biggest tattooing is going to get, this is crazy and soon it is going to die out but you know every year it seems to get bigger.”

1:20 Graphic
What kind of people do you see on a day-to-day basis?

“Uhh I couldn’t even catagorize that anymore, it’s really roken that wide open its like doctors, lawyers, business men you know young kids. Its every thing from like Doctors to Punk Rockers- everyone.

1:39 Graphic
Do people seem to strive for a deeper meaning behind their tattoos?

“Everyone kind of wants what they want on t.v or what they see on t.v. So now its become almost mandatory to have a big story all drawn out to go with your tattoo but it wasn’t really always like that. It kinda use to be a thing where some tattoo’s were meaningful, some were just really artistic some people just like a certain style. So it’s a little more prevalent now because of t.v”

2:02 Graphic
Ancient Hawaiians would tattoo their tongues as a sign of mourning when a love one died. People sometimes choose to get tattoos as a way of remembering a period or transition in their lives.

2:12 Intro Alysia Gauthier

“Uhh I have an angel in heaven and an angle on earth.”
“I took her favorite panting and I scanned it and then I gave it to the tattoo artist and he blew it up and put it on my back so.”
2:27 Camera click sound bite overlapping pictures from tattoo shop

2:36 Do you think that your Mom would have liked your tattoos?

“I think she would, she was kinda against tattoo’s but I think the meaning again behind it makes it okay. Umm and it was from her favorite painting so..”

2:51 Broll of Courage and Love written on wrists

3:00 Pictures from writs tattoo’s followed by camera sound bite


“So that I can read it. But if I’m walking or just normal the word is upside down. So the artist wanted it to be the other way so that it was right side up, but then I couldn’t read it when I was looking at my wrists. So I got it so that I can read it instead.”

3:21 “I think It’s nice to have because it can be kind of therapeutic too.”

“The artist that did the one for my Dad actually just did that up himself, cause I had shown him the picture of the one I had for my Mom, and he just drew that one up free hand.”

3:36 Image of back with V/O

“I have an angel in heaven and an angel on earth, so they represent my partents.”

3:41 Graphic

In Memory of her Mother in Heaven and in honour of her father on earth.

3:54 Brandon

On day you will wake up and you would hopefully have done (V/O) Everything you can with your life. I want to be reminded of that at all times. So that way I can (O/C) Live my life to the fullest.


“In the end whether it has meaning or not it is something that you wanted and if you end up regretting it, that’s just life.”

4:14 Sean Kelly

“ I was a big fan of their football team.”

“Me and my sister each wanted to get tattoo’s for Christmas and we would pay for each other’s tattoo and at the time it’s what I wanted to get.”

4:26 Graphic
Why did you decide to get a Penn State Logo?

“Well the football team was a big reason and I found out they had a good lacrosse program, I was a lacrosse player growing up and it was kinda like a dream to get a scholarship and go play there.

4:41 Graphic
What does Penn State mean to you now?

“Uhh well I don’t…. I catch their football games whenever I can but I don’t really care much about the school anymore since I’m passed going to University and umm I donno I don’t really think much about it anymore.”

“Well first I want to come up with some kind of creative Idea and then kind of work with things that have happened in my life that are significant moments.”

“The first question is, did I ever go there? Which is followed up with a No. Then they asked me, then why did I get it? Then I have to go into the how spell about liking the team and wanting to go there.

5:14 Intro Maria Donaldson

“I’d say that it was, a woman’s hand holding a pocket watch.”

“And I remember being very nervous thinking it was going to hurt more then anything in the whole world. But once I sat down and got over the initial shock, it was fine.

“And It was a really big part of my life.”

5:40 rolling transition

“I really wanted something to, show that I got over that. Cause it’s been a big part of my life my entire life. I was a sick kid patient up until I was 18-years-old.”

“It’s got a lot of meaning behind it, it’s a little hard to explain. But umm when I was younger about 10-months old. I was diagnosed with myocarditis which is an inflammation of the heart muscle which basically means my heart was inflamed and was twisting out of shape. I went into, umm…. Congenital heart failure. I basically wasn’t suppose to live through it, I was at Sick Kids for 2-weeks, my Mom-my Parents were given a 1 and 3 chance of me surviving… And I did!

6:33 Graphic
How did you decide on a tattoo that would represent your experience?

“Like it was just, it was just a poster and I was like “Wow I really want that in my room.” So I took it, and brought it home with me. And then I remember sitting in bed one day, or one night and I looked up and I was looking at it more clearly. And I saw there was apart of it and I thought “That’s amazing.” And every time I looked at it I realized I want that on my body. I want that as a tattoo.

“It was actually this feminine hand holding a clock. It’s very unique I think, it’s not something you see everyday.”

“The big one which is 8:43 Is the time that I was born. And 4oclock was the time that I was release from the hospital after I had been so sick.”
“So the way my Mom describes it is “It is sorta like birth and re-birth.” And that time is out of my hands. Cause it is in the lovely woman’s hand.”

7:46 Graphic of clock tattoo and camera sound bite

“I a…. my main goal is I want to be a neonatal nurse at Sick Kids. Because part of me wants to give back for all they did for me. And also, it is such an amazing hospital. And I know it is setting my hopes really high, cause that’s all I want to do- but that’s all I want to do.”

8:13 Graphic
Has your tattoo helped you at all?

“I say it would, umm It was kinda like closure cause I got it before my last visit. It is sort of a reminder for me everyday that I got over it. And it just makes me feel stronger, it is just a little reminder that I’m a big person, and I can get over anything, if I can get over my heart being all messed up.

“I’d say I have a woman’s hand holding a pocket watch.”

8:53 Graphic on Image
Survival of Myocarditis.

9:02 Graphic
Interview: Maria and Her Father

“35-years next year. And I’ve been married to Ann Marie here for, it will be 29-years next year… and I decided to get this tattoo.” Graphic (V/O) To sort of commemorate our 28th anniversary.”

9:29 Graphic
Did you ever think you would get a tattoo?


“Well I don’t like people who go crazy and their covered with them. I think it looks silly, especially when they put them on their faces and once it’s there it’s there for life. Then so….. she had her first one and I said “Gee well why not.”

Maria “As long as it had meaning.”

“So it’s got meaning ya, it means something to me because of my Irish background and because of the name I put on it and stuff.”

10:06 Transition

“And I know some people weren’t impressed like my brother for example,
Maria “He’s an old fart.”

“And blah blah blah, and my infamous sister in law.”

Maria “who liked mine but not his, even though it is the same thing.”

“So that was my little token for all times I guess you could say.”

10:34 Graphic
Anniversary Gift to His Wife, Annie.

10:41 Brandon getting tattoo
“Life is your dream, you have to make what you can of it, this is your time to do what you want. And in the end all dreams have to end.”

10:50 Ending sequence

“She taught me to believe in God, she taught me to believe in everyone else. And today I remember her, and I remember everything that she ment to me”

“Because my family has always had my back, and I carry them with me everywhere I go.”

“I conquered death, I had cancer when I was younger and 2 strokes.”

“And then I have the heart to symbolize love, the love of my 5 kids.”

“I’ve always loved them since I was a little girl, so I thought it was important and meaningful to get a tattoo of one.”

11:15 The Beauty Behind

11:16 Body Art

11:17 Graphic The Beauty Behind Body Art

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