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Fade up from Black
00:00-00:14 – Junes bee having qualities that cause intense delight among others. One who radiates perpetual greatness?

Sound of Seamus playing the piano
00:14: 00:19

“My name is Seamus Parker, member of I guess the gay community since high school have been in activist in the community, trying to do as much as I possibly can in those areas, trying to progress rights of homosexuals, people with addictions, people who are homeless, devoting my time to vulnerable community members


Just trying to do as much as I can.

00:43-00:53 close up of him still playing the same song wide shot
“Every one at school had a girl friend- if they were a guy a girlfriend if they were a girl then a boyfriend and then there was me
Trying to have a girlfriend but not really understanding… and I tried every possible thing. Sexual relations with girls even, dating them, spending all my time with them, just trying though as if I were attracted to them- thinking that if I act this way that it will eventually come that I will just be able to chose to forget about those feelings that I have for men but ugh, obviously that didn’t work out to well”

01:20-01:24 over the shoulder shots of him on the keyboard
I had a funny nick name… it was Seamus, anus, gayness but that had nothing to do with ugh, ha-ha—that was my nickname but ugh but that was just because my name happened to rhyme with those two words—not because people thought I was gay.

01:36- 01:43 close up of his hands playing the piano

01:43-01:57I don’t chose to be gay, I believe that to this day that if I had the choice to be gay or straight 0 I would be straight for sure
1:46 picture of him
It is a lot easier being straight I mean you can pick pretty much any girl that you want

Brady- 01:57- 02:10
When Seamus came out to me in the 8th grade- he was jittery as a June bug and he was scared that I wouldn’t like him any more. And you know he was really nervous but you know I told him that I was going to be his friend no matter what
End shot of him playing the keyboard 2:11

2:15 fade to black

2:17 Joseph Danger
He is just out there and like everything that people would love to hear he just says it and he is just so smart at the same time and he knows everything about everything

2:25 -2:32shot of him playing the bass close up to wide shot

2:32-2:36 Oh and he is a rock star too that is why every one likes him

2:36-2:40 Shot of Seamus and his friend bonnie hugging

2:40-2:47 Seamus is the most extraordinary person that I have ever met in my entire life and I probably won’t meet any one like him

2:47-2:49black and white picture of Seamus

2:49 -3:00 he is a genius in some ways—I think that the difference is he is really strong socially and I think he can read emotions in people
shot of 2:57-3:00 that other people don’t see it on each other-

Brady 3:00-
He is so likeable it is impossible not to like Seamus because he is so kind and just really fun to hang out with

3:10 first people that I cam out to was Bonnie
3:12 when we met we liked each other a lot and we were both in the closet and so we were like hey you like me I like you want to be my boyfriend?
3:21- we were pretty much in the process of dating at this point in our relationship where we both thought- we were suppose to have partners in the opposite sex
3:32 when he tried to like officially ask me out – I was realizing that something just wasn’t quite that right and I’m like Seamus I think Imp gay
3:39 than god because there is a problem when it comes to me dating you imp actually gay – and she looked at me and she said wow. Imp actually a lesbian

3:46 and so it ends up the next day we ugh running around the school holding hands because everyone is used to seeing us together – only this time we are saying we are gay!
3:55 we are gay now- like can you believe it we are actually gay and yeah we skipped and ran around the school and just came out to everybody and that was probably one of the most – amazing days of my life one of them for sure

4:08-4:10 fade to black


4:23 at my high school I started the gay straight alliance something very simple – but very symbolic and meaningful

Just a safe place for gay people to A talk about their problems and B learn about the gay community what it is really about and then influence them to become active influences of the gay community

4:39 shot of sr. Wilfred leerier high school

4:41 a lot of people told me after the fact that they look up to me for what I did like miss chief and miss volleys do you remember them because of the gay straight alliance they felt comfortable enough coming out to the entire school and all of the teachers at laurier and they ended up getting engaged and they said they wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing that if there hadn’t been youth promoting

(shot of Seamus 5:02) awareness of homosexuality and I was nominated to be the member of the bi-sexual, transgendered, queer, youth director for the Federal New Democratic Youth and the roll that I had was that I was in charge of reviewing policies pertaining to gay youth

( 5:34 ) picture of Jack Layton )
With the NDP and that was defiantly the high point of my political career being a federal executive

5:31 fade to H.B Beal ss front shot of school
When I was at Beal I was doing summer school there when I dropped out but before I dropped out actually I had the little rainbow flag in my back pack and I was approached by 4 individuals

5:43 Interview clip with him outside where he was beat at his high school
It was right as I came out and it was around the time of pride it was summer school and I came down from my class room right outside the class they were like hey nice flag stupid faggot ext..

5:54 shot of him back in the interview at his house
Effectively they beat the shit out of me, yeah that was a lot of fun right out side in the smoke pits nobody did anything

6:02- pretty much right here – just punched me in the face (shots of the ground
where he laid and the camera) did not expect that and I landed right here

6:08 and they didn’t know who I was – didn’t know where I had come from – what I had done in my life- however, say the rainbow flag and immediately just snapped on me

6:20 shot of the video camera out side
A cop actually asked he and me was like do you want me to investigate this we are probably not going to find out who it was – and then they said that it would be a waste of time to investigate it.

6:29 I got checked out of the hospital and had two cracked ribs, my collar bone was cracked, my tail bone was cracked so it wasn’t exactly a positive experience

6:40 SOUND OF SARAH MCLAUGHLIN ANGEL lightly in the background
Shot of Seamus with a baby playing the piano and him in black and white

7:03-7:10 sort of slow motion shot of Seamus smoking walk down the streets of London smoking a cigarette

7:12 shot of Seamus in the interview looking at the camera looking sad and then smiling went from black and white to color when he smiled

7:23 sound down and just a little in the background
There was obviously my father that was a negative reaction – I was 16- before I actually thought that I was gay I told him that I wasn’t gay but I was forced to leave my house when I was 14 for like a few months and then I came back with a girl friend and then he was fine with it but that the point that when I was about 16 or 17 when I finally just told him, look enough is enough this is how I am going to live my life whether you respect it or not and he chose not to respect it.

Brady- 7:50 His father was born in Dublin and he is Irish Roman Catholic
And he does not like the idea of Seamus being gay he doesn’t want his son being a homosexual at all- and that created a lot of animosity between the two of them

Seamus 8:08 My father had told me that I just shouldn’t live there if that was the way you were going to live your life so he gave me a choice nice man gave me a
choice he said you either revert back what you were doing before having girlfriends or you find a new place to live so obviously I was true to my self and I said fine

8:26 shot of him smoking in black in white

8:33 fine if you want to treat your son that way and off I went

8:40- Black and white shot of the playground where he slept
When you become homeless it is isolating

8:42 shot of him in the interview spot
And you kind of feel like you hit rock bottom – like the most essential need you can think of somewhere to go at the end of the day
8:49 shot of Seamus looking tough)
Just completing taken away from you

9:00 really the first year and a half was just – I was going from paycheck by paycheck - evidenced by apartments

Brady 9:03 he had to sleep in parks and school play grounds underneath parked cars that he new were still going to be there the next day he really had a hard time for a little while

9:17 Shot of him talking at the playground
“ I called this as you could say home for a little while, this equipment right there was a convenient place, if I was just ever down town I could just come here it is fairly secluded nobody really checks on this area really too much
So it was a nice safe place to sleep “ shots of equipment zoomed in

Brady “ He found a few places to live shots of houses
Some cheap houses and apartments and stuff a lot of them were down town in the east of Adelaide of London which is the really shitty part of London but he got evicted something like face times because he couldn’t pay his bills and he didn’t have his high school diploma so it was really hard for him to get a job so he ended up getting into drugs “

10:00 If I couldn’t make ends meet I would buy a quantity of pot or something maybe LSD maybe ecstasy and I would get a hold of all my friends and see who would buy it off me and I would bump up the price and make a few hundred dollars off of and investment so my legal methods and my illegal methods

10:20 he had to sell drugs to stay alive in order to pay for food for shelter – he was forced to live that sort of life
Shot of Seamus in black and white at the play ground
For a little while just because he was gay
Sarah McLaughlin song over 10:44
Fade to black with Joseph playing and singing it’s all right

10:58 – He had been homeless for about 8 months and then I was like Seamus why don’t you take this room I have and that must have helped him because now he has a job which is good

Shot of Seamus playing the guitar
So now things feel good after 8 or 9 months from not having an apartment to finally having a home again

11:11 Joseph so now how I feel for him is the way he feels for me- and like I would pull him out of anything if he got too far into it

Shot of Joe’s wall which says Junes bee for say and the lyrics
Brady 11:22- and that is what I think makes people really interested in his story because sometimes things happen to really good people you know and you just want to give him a hug – he’s a real good hugger too

11:32 close up shot of the lyrics
With Joe singing fade to black and white of the title June bee and For: Shay

11:47 Black slides
Seamus is finally off the streets and is now sharing a home with his best friend Bonnie.
He is free of chemical drugs and has earned a job in a warehouse.

11:55 He and his father are on speaking terms. They are trying to work out their

12:07 Seamus only conditions for sharing his story…
…. Was that he got the chance to reach at least one person?

12:20 Junesbee: A Seamus Parke story

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