Seamus Parker 00:00 -00:10 : My name is Seamus Parker, Londoner, member of I guess the gay community. Trying to progress rights of homosexuals, people with addictions, people who are homeless

Brady Parker:00:10-00:24 When Seamus came out to me in the 10th grade he was generated as a junebug and he was scared that I wouldn’t like home anymore and he was nervous. But uhh.. I told him I would be his friend no matter what.


00:28 -00:36 Bonnie Stocking : Seamus is the most extraordinary person I have ever met in my entire life, and I will probably never met anyone like him.

00:37-00:38 Seamus Parker: the first person I came out to was Bonnie

00:39-00:48 Bonnie Stocking: When we met we liked each other a lot, and were kinda in the closet. Then so we were like hey I like you and you like me… so uhh wanna be my boyfriend?

00:48- 00:57 Seamus Parker: We were pretty much in the process of dating, and at this point of our relationship, and we were at that point of the relationship where we thought. We were suppose to have partners of the opposite sex.

00:58- 1:05 Bonnie Stocking: When he officially tried to ask me out, I realized that something wasn’t right. I said Seamus.. I think I’m gay.

1:06-1:11 Seamus Parker: thank god because there comes a problem me dating you, I’m actually gay. She looked at me and said wow … I’m a lesbian.

1:12- 1:21 Bonnie Stocking: and so we end up the next day, we end up running around the school, holding hands because people are use to seeing us together. Only this time we say were gay.

1:22-1:34 Seamus Parker: Were gay now, like can you actually believe that were gay *laughs* and uhh yea we skipped and ran around the school yelling out to everyone else. That was proberly the most amazing days of my life, one of them for sure.

1:35- 2:15 Seamus Parker: At Beal when I was doing summer school when I dropped out no, before I dropped out. Actually, I had a little rainbow flag in my backpack and I was approached by four individuals. They were like nice flag stupid faggot, etc. Effectively they beat the s**t out of me it was a lot of fun. Right outside, nobody did anything. It was right there just punched me in the face did not expect that one bit. I fell over, I got checked out of the hospital cracked rib, collar bone was cracked. Tailbone was cracked, it wasn’t exactly a positive experience.
2:16-2:42 Seamus Parker : Their was obviously my father, and that was a negative reaction. I was about 16 before that he thought I was gay and I’m not actually gay. I was forced to leave my house when I was 14 for like a few months and then I came back with a girlfriend. He was fine with it, that was the point when or 17 I finally just told him look enough is enough. This is how I’m going to live my life or not, he chose not to respect it.

2:42-2:59 Brady Parker: His father was born in Dublin, he’s a Irish roman catholic. He does not like the idea of Seamus being gay; he doesn’t want his son being a homosexual at all. That created a lot of animosity between the two of them.

3:00- 3:21 Seamus Parker: My father told me you just shouldn’t live here anymore if this is the way your going to I’ve your life. So he gave me a choice, nice man gave me a choice he said you either revert back to what you were doing before having girlfriends. Or you find a new place to live, so obviously I was true to myself I said fine if you want to treat your son that way. Off I went.

3:22-3:37 Brady Parker: He had to sleep in parks.. in school playgrounds, underneath parked cars that eh knew were still going to be there the next day. He really had a hard time for a little while.

3:38-3:57 Seamus Parker: This is what I would call I guess home for a while. This equipment right there, umm… it was a convenient place if I was ever just downtown I could come here. It’s very secluded nobody really checks on this area too much. So it was uhh a nice safe place to sleep.

3:57-4:02 *singing*

4:03-4:11 Bonnie Stocking: He’s been homeless for about 8 months , so I’m like Seamus why don’t you take this room I have that must help him a lot. Now he has a job, which is good.

4:12-4:20 Joe: The way I feel for him is the way he feels for me, and if anything he got to far into it. I would pull him out of it

4:20-4:25 Seamus Parker : It definitely feels good after 8 or 9 months, of not having a place or an apartment, to finally have a home again.

4:25-4:35 Music fades to ending

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