Suggested intro: Well as you all know it’s March, and March brings with it warmer weather. Most of us look forward to this time of year because we being to leave our warm homes after months of freezing cold days. But there are a select few who actually would prefer it to stay warm during the day but have the temperature dip below zero. I know you are thinking who would want that? Well we sent Take 21 Reporter Alan Campbell to find the answer.

Lara Butt talking about how colder nights and warmer days help in the production of maple syrup.

Lara talking about how you tap a tree and what legal considerations you must follow in order to tap a tree.

Lara talking about tools used to tap tree’s.

Alan drilling, tapping a tree and placing bucket to gather sap to make maple syrup. Alan gathering other buckets of sap to fill his bucket.

Lara talking about how they used to transport the sap out of the bush.

Alan transporting sap out of the bush. Alan speaks about how hard it is.

Lara talks about what happens to the sap and how it is transformed from sap into maple syrup. (as she speaks we will be showing footage of all of this in the evaporator shack.)

Stephanie (other worker) talks about transforming syrup from liquid form into sugar candies that are in moulds. All this is covered by viz.

Alan’s singing off from sugar shack.

Hey guys Lara the girl was assigned to us to help with the information gave us a ton to work with, so there is some stuff I have left out wanted to get some feed back on Tuesday and then make the necessary changes.

I don’t know what time this meeting is but I am going to the Leafs game that night and I will be leaving at 4PM so I may be unable to attend depending on what time this meeting is. However if the meeting is held after Lasha’s class there should be no problem.

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