Host Script

B: Hey! Welcome to Take 21. I’m Brittany Shah.
N: And I’m Nathan Dearing. We have got an awesome show for you guys today!
B: Definitely. But really, would you expect anything less? Today we’re tackling some serious issues; everything from life as a soldier’s girlfriend to the beauty behind body art.
N: But first, the H1N1 scare was the biggest story of 2009. Despite the fact that antibacterial soap dispensers have plagued our malls, schools and other public places, it seems as though people have more or less forgotten about the flu virus but there are still people sick with the swine flu in the hospitals.


(Using sanitizer)
N: YAY! (Clapping). Good for you Brittany! (Goes to give Brittany high five)
B: Ew, I just sanitized.
N: Yeah thanks!
B: In all seriousness though, the news world of 2009 was not only dominated by the H1N1 scare, but also marked a year of trials and tribulations for the Canadian soldiers in the Middle East. Since 2002, 139 Canadian soldiers have been killed serving in the Afghanistan mission.
N: Can you imagine what it would be like if the man that you plan to spend the rest of your life with, was nearly 11,000 kilometers away fighting in the war?
B: Honestly, I don’t think I could ever understand what that must have been like.
N: Well, fiancé of Canadian soldier Chris MacDonald spoke to Take 21 about the struggles she faced while he was away, and the joy of his return.

Mrs. Soldier

B: Such an incredible story. I don’t think there’s a dry eye in the studio after that one.
N: Well maybe our next story can do something about that. You know, similar to the way you said you couldn’t understand the struggle that Kim would have faced in our last story, I feel the same way about this one.
B: But that’s kind of the importance of taking a deeper look at these stories. To gain a better understanding of what these struggles are like for the people that have to face them, sometimes alone.
N: Really reminds you not to take things for granted.
B: Well the individual in our next story certainly doesn’t. We’re going to take a look into an individuals struggle as a gay teen. The hardships he’s faced and the inspiringly positive outlook he has despite it all.


N: Wow. Another incredible story. But I really think we need to lift the mood in here a little bit. Don’t you?
B: Definitely. The next story we’ve got for you guys has really made me second guess my allergy jokes.
N: You make jokes… about allergies? Allergies are not a laughing matter Brittany!
B: I realize that Nathan.
N: Well for those of you who understand the severity (with attitude) of an allergy and anaphalxis, you’ll appreciate this story. And for those of you who don’t (glance at Brittany) listen up! You just might learn something.

Gasping for Air

B: Okay I couldn’t help but sense the animosity coming from over there before and during that piece. Did I offend you Nathan?
N: I happen to be very close to the matter, I had some severe allergies myself, so yeah. You kinda did.
B: I’m sorry… Did you have an epi pen?
N: I did.
B: Can I stab you with it?
N: NO!
B: I just want to practice. My best friend is very allergic to peanuts. I just want to make sure I’m prepared if it ever happens that I need to use hers.
N: Stab yourself!
B: If I’m going to stab myself with an epi pen I might as well just get a tattoo.
N: Maybe you should.
B: I’m going to!
N: Listen, I know you’re madly in love with me, but I really don’t think its appropriate for you to tattoo my name of your right but cheek.
B: Get over yourself! I would actually regret that for the rest of my life. I want something emotional. Something meaningful.
N: Don’t we all. Either way, I can respect the beauty of body art, and our next story takes a deeper look into this unique form of expression. Check it out.

Body Art

B: Tattoos are wicked!!
N: We’ve got a few people on our crew here at Take 21 that have some sweet tattoos.
(Roll pictures)
B: I can’t wait for mine.
N: Well what are you waiting for?
B: This show to be over… and maybe a paycheck… or two…
N: Good call. Well that’s it for this week’s Take 21 I’m Nathan Dearing…
B: And I’m Brittany Shah, thanks for joining us.

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