Gluten-Free Segment.Fai Darriel Nathan Outline.

Gluten-Free Segment

-shots of food being made
-shots of different food
-Intro- shots of John and Julia Richer
-outside of the bakery
-slow pan of the bakery
-package saying gluten free
-customer purchasing or looking at items

Sound bite: “Voi La” (shot of baker presenting food)

VO: A bakery is a great place to get some freshly made pastries, but what if you have allergies that prevent you from eating the main ingredients?

Clip: Explaining what the store is and what Julia and John’s main goal is/was

VO: Gluten is found in a lot of products including bread, pasta and meats including MSG. Julia Richer who founded this bakery with her husband John

Clip: Julia explaining what Celiac disease is and what it limits her too

Sound byte (Bread maker)


Clip: Julia Richer

STAT #2-CELIAC disease

Bridge: Darriel about celiac disease

Clip: Julia talking about the symptoms

VO: talking about how Voila uses different flours in order to create products for its consumers

Clip: Julia talking about the beans and other ingredients

Sound Byte (Beater)

VO: talking about the popularity of gluten free products

Clip: Julia talking about the popularity of it

VO: Other than voila bakery large department stores carry gluten free products such as ___
-Whole Food Store
-Gluten-free foods (muffins)
-Normal bread
(do quick interview with a person)

Bridge: ……..options

(get b-roll of “options”)

Clip Whole Foods person talking about the gluten free foods
question: what kind of gluten free foods do whole foods carry?

VO: (showing options) Then talking about these options and transition into the misconception of the bland taste

Clip: Julia talks about how tasty her stuff is proving the misconception wrong

VO: After trying a gluten muffin myself I was pleasantly surprised. I definitely didn’t taste a difference. Who would of thought?

Sound Byte (Beeper and over)

VO: Apparently not being able to eat gluten isn’t a big deal if you visit a place like Voila. And since there isn’t a difference in taste with a lot of these products I thought I would ask if a typical gluten consumer benefit in a healthier way if they ate the gluten products.

Clip: Julia talks about the how its not any healthier.

VO: Conclusion: Even though eating the gluten free diet isn’t any healthier for a gluten consumer, it has changed the lives of many people who have been diagnosed with allergies or celiac disease. For Take 21, I’m Darriel Roy

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