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VO: according to an article in the Toronto star, generation me has been labeled as having a poorer work ethic than generations past. Kenny Willikom is a part of the generation that fits this stereotype.

Clip – Kenny: When I enter the workforce I expect decent hours, decent pay and benefits

VO - Graduating students like Krista Feddes, Daniel Mante and Marco Pelayo have more realistic expectations when entering the workforce

Clip - Krista: when I get into the workforce I expect to work for free for a while

VO – A new study says that Generation Me is more focused on the money they make in a shorter amount of time, but such was not the case with Gen X. Michael Halley joined the workforce with one simple expectation.

CLIP – Michael Halley: You work hard and you’ll be rewarded

VO – The popular expectations of baby boomers and gen x-ers were to provide for their families. This is one of the reasons why todays youth expect more.

Clip - Krista: I think that our generation expects more, we want bigger and better things whereas they were really just okay with what they had and they didn’t live beyond their means and they knew how to save money and they knew how to.. I think we’re greedy like our generation is greedy we want more we want to make so much money and we want the big house and the big car whereas they were happy you know living, just having food on the table.
Daniel: my parents came to this country to give me a better life…

Stand up – based on the article in the Toronto star, generation me is a product of individualistic culture that values the self over the whole.

Clip – Giselle: today the reality is that gen y is the youngest cohort and they are coming into the workforce and bringing different values, expectations and behaviours that makes it challenging for managers leaders and even team member to effectively integrate into a team.

VO – The study examined over 16,000 students, and suggests that Gen Me is going to receive a rude awakening when trying to find a job where they can work less hours for more money.

Clip - Marco: the network and the industry I’m applying for usually a lot of positions are unpaid and that’s a sacrifice im willing to make I guess in order to get to where I am
Because in any industry now jobs are really competitive so just being able to put as many hours as you can and really show your drive and motivation to get where you wanna be you gotta compete with other people so you’re on top and really get the job that you want

VO – Although Generation Me is considered more demanding, confident, and sometimes narcissistic in the workplace, the study claims that they are also the least predjudiced generation in history. For Take 21, I’m Darriel Roy.

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