FITNESS TRENDS **Outline On Wiki**

We are shooting our segment at 6 on Monday night— that was the earliest we could shoot.


Kelly Manning went to Sheridan College for her Early Childhood Education, and taught here for 7 years before switching career paths. ( 5 seconds )

CLIP: " I loved Sheridan, I went here for so long and then one day I took a fitness class in Burlighton and as soon as I completed a pole dancing class— I knew I found my passion. I have been teaching ever since. " ( 20 seconds )


zoom out off close shot of pole to natalie and then close up of in

Natalie Stand up: Pole dancing classes like these, come in different fitness levels from one to five so that everyone can target different areas and keep up at different paces. The classes here are a perfect balance of strengthening and toning. Pole dancing can be challenging so that is why it takes time to master a move like this
( In structure showing off a move on the pole ) ( 20 seconds )

Shot of Ashley on the pole and of the swirl and spin
Ashley Jones has been taking pole dancing classes at aradia fitness for 3 years now— and she finds that there is one key move that keeps her body in shape. ( 10 seconds )

CLIP" The swirl and spin really works my abs… I have had two kids and it has really tonned up my stomach. It feels great to get in shape and my abs have never been this rock hard!! " ( 20 seconds )

Shots of women laughing and of the women dancing
Pole dancing not only tones women up, increases their flexibilty, and strenthens muscles it also helps women with their confidence and self esteem (15 seconds )

CLIP " My husband recently left me and I gained 10 pounds— pole dancing has given me my body back and my self confindence back. I am pole dancing at a level 4 level now so my fitness has increased immensly, and I can't wait for my ex- to walk by and see my new rocking body " ( 40 seconds )

shots of the website and of signs around the studio— and shots of women and of shelly brown talking and laughing with friends in the program
Women ages 18-60 can take this unqiue fitness program. Women from all shapes and sizes can join, and women like Shelly Brown stick with the pole routines for this reason : ( 20 seconds )

Clip" the friends I have made, have made me stay in the program- I got along great with all the girls— they are so fun!! The trainers keep me motivated and I love dancing with all these strong women " ( 30 seconds )

Shot of Kelly teaching the class/ close up shots of her hands feet of the pole
As for kelly Manning, she still loves teaching children on the side, but the pole has stolen her heart and she plans to keep teaching women to love their bodies and show off their inner godess. For Take 21 I'm Natalie Bull ( 30 seconds )

duration : 4:00 minutes

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