Bumper Tutorial

Heya folks! Here's a short tutorial for the editors to follow so that all of our bumpers are clean and consistent. If you're the editor, you need to come and get the updated "Bumper1" folder from me (Brady). It's got all of the graphics and music you'll need.

(1) - Start by importing the "Bumper1" folder into your bin.


(2) - Add "bumper1.mov" to your timeline followed by a few "bumper2.mov" and a "bumper3.mov"


(3) - Select all the "bumper2.mov" and unlink the audio from video with CTRL+L. Then delete the audio tracks, you don't need those.


(4) - Find where on the timeline the words "Coming Up' come in. It should be around 3.5 seconds.


(5) - Then drop your footage there. Unlink the audio again using CTRL+L and delete it.


(6) - Now we have to make the footage fit on the clapper. Double click on your footage and go to the "motions" tab in the viewer.


(7) - Fiddle with the "scale" and "Center" controls to make your footage fit in the bottom-right corner of the clapper. You can click on the "Center" button and drag the footage around in the canvas to where you want it.


(8) - Add an additive and cross-dissolve to your footage. Then move your "bumper3" clip up so that it's flush with the end of your footage.


(9) - Record and line up your voice over and add the "credit music.mp3". Reduce it's length to about 4 seconds past the end of "bumper3"


(10) - Move your entire footage cluster over 2 seconds so that there is about 2 seconds of music pad on each side. If you feel so inclined, add a cross-fade to the end of the music.


(11) - Finally, keyframe the levels on the music so you can hear your V/O. Remember to bring it back up at the end.


Your bumper should be ready to go now. Render it and see how it came out before showing it to Kim or Catharine. See you all in class, happy editing!

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