Tape Date: March 26th, 2010

Chase Producer: Brittany Shah
Segment Name: Dianne Solano - Nutritionist
Take 21 host Natalie Zazulyk will talk to Dianne about fad diets including the ones that her and Kamal went on for the purposes of their segment. They will discuss the negative impacts of fad diets and which diets are best for students. They will also discuss the impact of fast food and how to snack properly.
Guest’s Name: Dianne Solano, RNCP
Position Title: Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner
Phone Number: 416-763-6196
Segment Summary:
Dianne Solano works for Senargy; a company that focuses on well being and offers plans for people to stay on track to healthier lifestyle. She will come on the show to talk about fad diets, good diets, snacking, and effects of fast food.
Why would this be significant?
Diets are such a big thing right now and often people are following diets that could potentially have harmful effects on their bodies. A lot of the time, not enough research is done in finding a diet that suits not only your desired outcome, but also your budget, lifestyle, energt requirements, etc.
Length Of Interview: 5 minutes (30 minutes given to pretaping)
Producer/Coordinator Notes
Arrival Time: 12:30 PM
Make-Up Time: 15 minutes

Approved Questions

1. What’s wrong with the diets that Kamal and Natalaie went on?
2. What are the worst diets out there – are they dangerous?
3. Are there any that are recommended?
4. Fast food is cheap and easily accessible, but how bad is it for us?
5. Students do a lot of snacking, what would you say are the best snacks for during the school day and late at night?
6. How important is it to combine exercise with a nutritional diet?
7. What would you say is the most effective diet for students, who are often on a low budget and require a lot of energy throughout the day?

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